Sustain Pool Chemicals Care System

Sustain Pool Chemicals Care System

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Sustain pool chemicals is applied at the beginning of the pool season and lasts up to 150 days. Regular use of Sustain Pool Care System not only gives shocking protection but also makes sure that Summer Shield is adequately charged with chlorine.

While other chlorine products often result in too little or too much chlorine, sustain pool chemicals is intended to produce chlorine more evenly than conventional pool care chemical systems. The Sustain Pool Care System is great for preventing algae. To receive the benefits of the Algae-Free, you must begin with an algae-free pool.

Sustain Pool Chemicals Guide:

You are ready to begin using the Sustain pool care system If FAC is 1 ppm or greater.  Here we are the step using sustain tablets pool chemicals.

Step One: Add Sustain tablets based on your dealer’s direction as noted in the Start-Up Worksheet. Just pour the Guard Extender into the skimmer or the water around the sides of the pool.

Step Two: Fill the skimmer dispenser with sustain tablets and put the dispenser in the skimmer basket, open end up. (Never mix sustains tablets with white chlorinating tablets.) The skimmer dispenser comes with an adjustable cover to control chlorine delivery. Adjust the cover opening to raise or lower chlorine transfer to keep 1-3 ppm FAC. For in-ground pools, start with the lid off, and use it later, if necessary. For above-ground pools, start with the lid entirely open and set as needed.

Step Three: Add Sustain Tablets to the skimmer basket, (see the doses use). Stay to circulate the pool water for at least 5 hours.

Sustain pool chemicals system provides your pool with an increased level of protection against algae. It does this by creating a reserve, or back-up, of chlorine fighting power, that is delivered on-demand whenever regular sanitizing levels quickly drop like after a rainstorm or pool party. Always use according to label directions.

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