Best Shipping Container Pool Liner Designs

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Shipping container pool liner can be an alternative for swimming pool design is simple and does not require a lot of room. With a rectangular model that extends like a ship shape makes this pool model can be placed on the part of the house that cannot be utilized. This pool model is also suitable for a pool party and can be placed on top of building with a view of city lights at night.

Fiberglass Shipping Container Pool Liner Designs

Fiberglass shipping pool container above look great with minimalist wooden deck. The outside facade is made of strong metal make this shipping pool sturdy. Combined with translucent on the part of wall making this is perfect for pool party. 


Shipping Container Pool Liner with Wooden Deck Design

Storage Pool Liner with Transcluent Glasses by Paul and Denise Rathnam

This Storage Pool Liner with clear, acrylic window on one side wall build by Paul and Denise Rathnam is another best example of shipping backyard pool liner with excellent landscaping design. It is eight feet wide by 20 feet long, and just over five feet deep. It can be placed fully or partially in the ground. It can be set up above ground on a solid pad or 20 cm of gravel.

Shipping container swimming pool plans

Storage Pool Liner Designs

There are also some alternatives from the simplest you can do yourself to build storage container pool. There is also a more practical fiberglass prefab model. It can be installed just in minute with minimal effort. If you want really shipping container pool, you can use modified container box become pool. Building shipping container swimming pool is the same as creating a pool in general. You must have permission under the terms of the location you will build. You must make planning on plumbing, drainage and intake pipes. The prominent challenge is making a liner that was watertight. However, an above ground modular shipping container pool liner is the best choice you can do, as it will save a lot of time and money.

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