Pools for Rent for Parties

Best Pools for Rent for Parties

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Don’t worry if you don’t have your private pool but want your own pool party. There are many pools for rent for parties offered with a reasonable price. You can rent a pool for a birthday party no difficulty. You can call local indoor pool and ask if they do pool parties or call hotel with pool and ask them if they have pool party services and what is their policy on the guest. What should you do just find the best one for you?

Consider choosing an indoor pool despite the season to ensure your party is on. Also, outdoor public pools have strict rules regarding weather, such as rain and lighting, and they will cancel your pool party under these situations. Check outdoor pool policies and their deposit return policies carefully in the case of inclement weather that may rain on your party plans.

Rent a Pool for a Birthday Party

All pool party rentals have a maximum capacity depending on the size of the swimming pool. Check the maximum number of guests available for the particular pool that you would like to rent to be sure the pool can hold the size of your party.

You also have to verify availability and number of lifeguards and locker room use before submitting a deposit. Most public pool rentals will include a minimum number of lifeguards based upon a certain number of guests, and then they will provide additional lifeguards to accommodate the party size for an additional fee. Make sure on what the pool rental offers in the pool rental fee before you make a deposit.

Ask if a compliant stand is available if you can bring in your food and drink and if there is an area prepared for consumption on site. Some pool rental for a party will offer a concession stand and seating for an additional fee, while other pools do not allow any kind food or drink in and around the pool area. Check their admission policies before making your reservation.

Pool Rental for Party

Ask to pay an hourly rate for a possible minimum hourly rental of 2 hours or more. Some public pools rent by the hour, while others block off a set amount of time per pool party rental. Ask if there is a discount if your party rents the pool for more than 2 hours.

Adhere to all posted public pool rules at your private party and make sure all your guests at the pool are informed of the rules. This ensures the safety of all guests to make sure everyone has a safe and fun time at the party.

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