How Much Does a Radiant Pool Cost

How Much Does a Radiant Pool Cost?

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Radian pool cost is range between $5500 to $8000 depends on the size. They come on several size 18’x52”, 21’x52”, 24’x52”, 27’x52”, 30’x52”, 33’x52”. The installation is quite easy to handle by doing it yourself to cut any extra installation cost. Based on the radiant official website, using a gas heater, you can save running cost about $655 per year which adds up to $13,100 over 20 years.

Advanced Technology

Radiant Pools are the only swimming pools fabricated using an R-10 structural insulated panel taking from the similar technology used to build airplanes and spacecraft. Bonded between sheets of durable acrylic-coated aluminum, these 2” thick wall panels are built of EPS foam insulation core. Using a rigid wall that is far stronger than its parts is created by the patented bonding process that joins the three layers, and is made of materials that will last forever.

The Radiant Pool wall will never rust, warp or crack as is stronger than steel, polymer, even 12” of concrete. The acrylic-coated aluminum walls provide extra liner protection and resist oxidation and corrosion. This pool completely rusts free as using almost aluminum components. To keep the water warmer longer and to keep water temperatures 5 to 10 degrees warmer than traditional pools, the Radiant use insulated wall panels. This also can extend the swimming season by up to 2 months.

A Radiant Pool is a smart investment; this incredibly lightweight panel is easy to handle for quick installation. Its compound of lightness, strength, and resistance to stress, corrosion, and heat loss makes the Radiant Pool raise your property.

  • The most versatile pool available fits any backyard and meets any landscaping challenge!
  • Unlike the wide coping of other aboveground pools, the Metric series 2″ top rail makes this a safer pool by discouraging anyone from walking around on the pool wall.
  • Universal beaded vinyl liners hang seamlessly in the top rail, unlike the unsightly overlap liners seen on many aboveground pools.
  • Universally adapts to all decks.
  • Pool comes with liner and skimmer.
  • Aerospace engineering harnessing the power of the sun for energy efficient, environmentally smart pools
  • 52″ Wall Pool is Tan.
  • 2″ thick insulated walls.
  • Pool can be put inground, 1/2 way inground or above ground.
  • Click here for Installation Manual

Save Energy and Money!

When other types of pools drop up to 10 degrees F, radiant pool gained heat from the sun is retained; Radiant Pools insulated walls maintenance water temperature even overnight. Radiant Pools insulated walls keep heat loss more efficiently than any other type of pool wall.

You can save $1000’s on heating costs. If you do a gas or heat pump pool heater, the water temperature you desire affects your energy cost. With the excellent heat maintenance features of a Radiant Pool, you can swim during the entire season without the need of an extra heater. With an advanced insulated technology, we can save up to 25% on their annual pool heating cost average. When using a gas heater, you will save almost $655 per year which adds up to $13,100 over 20 years.

Easy DIY Installation

The above ground of radiant pool is easy to construct. The above ground pool can be installed on prepared ground in less than two hours with just two people utilizing rigid wall panels. No heavy machinery is required to complete pool installation. With its comprehensive installation manual and ease of installation, a Radiant pool is a perfect choice for the do-it-yourself homeowner. They come completely packaged.  All sections are fully wrapped and protected, eliminating damage.

Incredible Liner Options

The Strength and endurance of all liners are supported by a 15-year limited warranty. Also, every Metric series Liner comes with our Liner plus Extended Service Coverage. This includes up to $500 in labor and water expenses on any liner replacement covered under the standard 15-year warranty.

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