Inground Pool Filters and Pumps Size & Type

Size & Type of Inground Pool Filters and Pumps

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To turn over the whole pool volume one and a half times per day affects the size of Pumps and filters. That means the water in the pool goes through filter and sanitizer at least 1.5 times in a 24 hour period. You should see the manufacturer’s stickers or pictures on both the pump motor and the filter tank. They show you the info about what size equipment you need. You have to use the comparable equipment.

There are two distinct “strengths” when it comes to pumps commonly “Max and full rate.” You can have a 1HP motor that in fact is the same as a 3/4 HP motor. The only distinction is the service rating that the manufacturer can candy on the rating label to deliver the same outcome brake HP for what is, in fact, a lower HP motor than what is declared on the label.

You should not have any problem with installing do it yourself as long as you follow the municipal codes. The one concern you may need to estimate for if the equipment is old-fashioned is a GFI (ground fault interrupt) for the pool pump motor and any pool lights considering GFI’s are now obligatory in most municipalities but many moons ago, they were not.

Inground Pool Pump And Filter

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