How to Patch a Pool with Water in It

How to Patch a Pool with Water in It?

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You should immediately solve the problem of leakage on the vinyl liner because if not handled quickly will lead to other more serious problems. The water level to drop fastly will increase the water usage. If not immediately stop, it will make soil erosion under the pool and will damage the pool wall.

Vinyl liner pool is widely used for swimming pools because of its low price and easy-to-install options. But the vinyl liner is vulnerable to tears and holes. However, you do not have to worry because, with the pool patch kits and a little knowledge, you can repair leaks on the vinyl pool liner quickly without having to wait until your pool water to run out.

It is not difficult to find pool patch kits as they are available in the pool equipment store. You just need underwater pool patch kit, scissors, Swimming goggles to repair pool leaks do it yourself (DIY). Here’s “How to Patch a Pool with Water in It”.

  1. Cut an oval or round piece of vinyl at least five times the diameter of the hole or tear you are repairing which is included in your vinyl repair kit.
  2. Use the underwater adhesive to the back of the patch you cut out. Be plentiful with the adhesive and make sure you cover the whole surface area of the patch.
  3. Wrap the patch in half so get the unglued side, and then get into the pool.
  4. Place the damaged part and then reveal the vinyl patch underwater.
  5. Center the patch over the cracked area and push the patch down from the center outside on all sides, so you force the adhesive residue out through the sides of the patch. Don’t make the patch roll around as you sand the edges.
  6. You will need about 24 hours adhesive to dry well. Then lets check the patch if there is still crack and repeat the work as the step above.

Warning, never do to drain the pool to fix a leaking liner. Draining the water pool will cause the pool liner to crumple or shift, and this will difficult to handle by yourself, often needs professional pool repair. You don’t have to dry pool water to complete the repair by using an underwater pool patch kit. However, you may need a new liner if the hole or tear is larger than 6 inches. You have to contact pool professional to repair it.

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