How to Close a Pool for winter above Ground

How to Close a Pool for winter above Ground?

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Make clean and chemical pool real balanced then drain pool below skimmers then covers pool if you do that. Don’t forget if it gets real cold there an inner tube needs to be under the cover, so that pool does not completely freeze also empty out the filter and take inside or put in barn bone dry.

Balance the pool water one week before closing.  Drain the water to below the return (usually lower than the skimmer). Using plumbers or RV antifreeze, leave out all lines and antifreeze them, Never use automotive antifreeze. Put your T taped winterizing plug-in return (eyeball removed) and in the skimmer, remove the drain plug from the filter, then detach the pump and drain it. Now that you have removed the bottom drain plug if it is a sand filter, you can move your filter outside,

Additionally, move the handle to mid-way if it a sand filter, between any position( e.g., drain, filter, rinse, etc.) to keep the key stem gasket from tearing in spring. You may as well take it in too after draining it if it is a cartridge filter. Put in your winterizing kit and use 2 of the empty bottles to put in the skimmer and close the pool.

You can get a “pool pillow” that fits under the cover and gives some strength to take ice increase that would go to the walls. If water is balanced and pool thoroughly clean and the cover stays on, you will have the same conditions when you open it.

How to Close above Ground Pool for winter

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