How to Clean Bottom of Pool without Vacuum

How to Clean Bottom of Pool without Vacuum?

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When you find your pool bottom is pretty bad with a layer of gunk, it time to work hard to clean it. The Pool vacuum cleaner can works pretty good to do this job. But, perhaps, you will get pool vacuum going and cleaning out filter a lot. However, can you imagine how to clean bottom of pool without vacuum? Of course, you still can do that.

You can wipe it in a pile and then scoop it up with a net, takes a while but works. Alternatively, you do jump in and get it moving into and throughout the water. You could try using a cloth, dive underneath and see if you can grab ahold of it. Quickly the water and the bottom of your pool are clear.

If your pool is round, just get in the pool and make a whirlpool by running at the edge for several laps then bounce out let it sit for a while everything should get in the center then you should net it out. With this simple trick, you do clean sediment from the bottom without pool vacuum cleaner.

Because this is manual work, of course, you will need extra energy. If you do this work with some people, it is easier and faster depending on how big your pool size. This is a straightforward and simple way to clean the bottom pool if you do not have enough good vacuum cleaner that can clean up to the bottom surface.

If you must use a vacuum cleaner, you should choose a vacuum cleaner that is truly able to reach to the bottom as not all vacuum cleaner capable of doing well. Therefore if you want to buy a vacuum cleaner, ask the seller about it. It would be easier to use a robotic vacuum cleaner that can clean up automatically.

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