Perfect Gorilla Pad for Pool

Perfect Gorilla Pad for Pool

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Gorilla pad for pool is made with a blend of natural fiber and polyester; Gorilla Padding is impervious to almost any sharp object Unlike foam, which can be quickly hacked by grass, roots or rocks under your liner. Gorilla pool pad is a geo-textile designed to protect trash dump liners where any cut would be a failure.

Gorilla pad is sturdy, but also adds extra a layer of buffering that will eliminate footsteps from forming. Gorilla pool pad is cut to size and sutured for your pool. You do not need any taping and cutting as with foam. They makes old foam floor padding antiquated. Gorilla Padding is impervious to almost any sharp object unlike old traditional pool foam and is:

  • Super tough geotextile originally advance engineered to guard trash dump liners
  • Adds extra a layer of cushioning that will reduce footprints from forming
  • Cut to size and seamed for above ground pool
  • Don’t need more cutting and taping as with foam

Gorilla Floor Pads are not limited to toughness. They also add a layer of cushioning that will eliminate footprints from forming (especially if a sand base exists beneath the liner) and increases swimmer comfort. Gorilla Pads are cut to size and seamed for your above pool whether it is an oval, round, or rectangular pool.

Always does not protect the liner from cap grass. We advise that the area should be well treated before Gorilla Pad installation – all weeds, debris, and grasses should be cleaned. In agreement with the use of a pool cover, this does for a much better base to place the Gorilla Pad, creating a better performing, longer lasting product.
This is a great feel for your feet in the pool and avoids foot prongs in the pool. It is super tough and strong, and it is nice to walk on.

Does the use of a Gorilla pad for pool above ground floor pad eliminate the need to lay down sand?

Even though, the manufacturer declares that we do not have to put sand down. Place a layer of sand underneath, and then the Gorilla pad is the best method. Even you already use Gorilla pad for pool; I suggest always using sand and adding the floor padding for additional protection. The sand underneath acts as a barrier between the ground and the pad and helps to prevent from any rocks, roots or other hard objects. It also delivers some cushioning for the floor of the above ground pool, making it softer underfoot.

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