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Cheap Galvanized Water Trough Swimming Pool Ideas

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Water Trough Swimming Pool Idea

Water trough swimming pool can be an alternative to have a small swimming pool with a very low price. With only 500 dollars, you can have a small stock tank pool that you can put anywhere. You can put it in the backyard with the best view. These simple pool designs become popular as the increasing of people who want have pool quickly and very low price.

Basically, it is just a stock tanks which are metal tanks made for feeding livestock. With green fingers green thumb and clever idea, you can turn it into beautiful swimming pool design on your home. They become the Mason jars of yard pools for excellent balance as a sturdier alternative to the funny and a cheaper alternative to the pool.

Build Galvanized Water Trough Swimming Pool

Looking for the best design, you will need some references from everywhere. There are a lot of water trough for swimming pool designs on Pinterest. Then you should find all material you need.


  • Galvanized Stock Tank: It is easy to find them both offline and online. Amazon has some new galvanized eight foots tanks. One of the best is Behlen Country which is built to endure the most severe farm and ranch conditions. They are also Corrosion resistant with the heavy zinc coating to assure long life. They also have rigid sidewalls both ribs and corrugations for maximum strength and heavy galvanized bottoms. Alternatively, you can buy used on eBay. You can call for a delivery quote on Stockyards Ranch Supply near you.


  • Sand Filter Pump: Sand filter does for filtering out algae and debris. They have a 24-hour timer with preset cycles for automatic operation, and it is low maintenance (you only require to drain out the sand every five years). However, if you are okay with just draining the pool when it gets dirty or using some chlorine or bromine tablets, you don’t have to have a pump, but I very suggest using one for the long haul.
  • Pool Filter Sand: Sand Filters are tanks filled with pool filter sand. This pool filter is perfect for folks on a budget and less time maintaining the pool.

Sand Filter Pump for Water Trough Swimming Pool

  • Extra Filter Systems:
  1. Saltwater System: It makes its own “natural” chlorine. You could use this in addition to the sand filter for optimum performance.
  2. Cartridge Filter Pump: It is the cheapest option, but you must change the filters every two weeks.
  3. Floating Dispenser and Chlorine Tablets or Bromine Tablets (However, bromine is better than chlorine).
  4. Pool Water Shock: Kills bacteria and algae in one big “shock” of chlorine. You should better to avoid it because of the dangers of chlorine. You can use the pool shock a time or two when things got bad. It does a great job of killing the algae.
  • Hose Conversion Adapter Kit: Basically, you just need something to connect the pool filter to the hole you want to make in the pool tank. Both metal and plastic work fine as well.

  • Epoxy or Plumber’s Putty: This material is waterproof and perfect for plugging up all leaks.
  • Drill: cordless drill is more convenient for drilling projects that require a lot of power to use a corded drill.


  1. Prepare the pool location. When deciding pool tank location, notice what area the sun hits best, for the longest part of the day. Look for the area that is the flattest area as that will need less excavating work. Also, having convenient access to water and power is critical, and for safety reasons, as well as aesthetics, put the pool tank in an area that is most visible from the house.
  2. Set up the pool filter. The ideal distance of filter from the skimmer is no more than 2 to 3 feet away. Do level the ground before putting the filter. Place a hose clamp on either end of a flex hose that is long enough to touch from the pool pump to the skimmer.
  3. Measure the pool filter tubes. Measure twice the exterior diameter of tubes and then cut two holes in the stock tank for the filter tubes.
  4. Connect the hardware into the holes made in the stock tank swimming pool. Get as snug of a fit as you can, and then seal up with plumber’s putty or epoxy.
  5. Connect the pool filter tubes. Get everything to fit as secure as you can then seal everything with epoxy or plumber’s putty.
  6. Fill the stock tank with water. To make sure they are not leaking, Fill the water just above the hole.

Galvanized Water Trough Swimming Pool Maintenance

  • Keep the junk out. Junk is much ugh-lier than they appear in your pool. When you have junk on your pool, dozens of them – you have to work hard to keep your pool leaf free. You can use a Leaf Rake and scoop up leaves for at least a week!
  • Run the filter. Run the filter continuously to clear a dose of shocking. Then you should vacuum up the dead algae and backwash your filter. Algae increase in hot weather and pools with little or no chlorine.
  • Drain it. Pool water can get worse over the years and make your pool chemicals lose their effectiveness. So most pools need to be drained and refilled on occasion. Draining galvanized water trough swimming pool is not difficult as the small size. How often you need to empty it? With differences depending on how often you use and maintain your pool.
  • Power Wash it. When you start having trouble seeing the bottom of your pool, it’s time to power wash it with an acid wash.
  • Scrub it. Scrub with a brush for your water trough swimming pool cruiser and a chlorine-based liquid cleaner. The chlorine-based cleaner is usually enough to clean scum from the water line. Clean with a tile brush or a sponge.

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