Converting Above Ground Pool to Saltwater

Converting Above Ground Pool to Saltwater

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Converting above ground pool to saltwater is easy and as quick and smooth as possible to do it yourself.  First, you have to drain the pool to eliminate the chlorine water. Then, you need the salt chlorinator systems and installing that to make the transition. There are some options of salt chlorinator systems you can choose such as a salt water system such as a Hayward Swim pure, aqua rite, resilience, or aqua pilot.

It takes a couple of hundred pounds which will be described in the owner’s manual of the system. For example, the aquarite takes about 300 pounds of a 15,000-gallon pool. After that, the system will create chlorine for you, and you only need to add liquid chlorine if you get algae. You want to try and maintain a 3000 ppm level of salt. This method will create the water feels great on the skin and eyes, and no algae have grown in the water.


The cost of the salt chlorination water system will range from $1,500 to $2,500. Even, the Hayward AQR15 AquaRite Salt Chlorination System is offered at $928 on Amazon. You have to know while using a saltwater system; saltwater pool still carries chlorinated water. The salt you put into the pool then it goes through the generator which produces chlorine. The cell — or generator — delivers a charge that releases the chlorine from the salt molecule. It then reverts to be utilized in the process. That procedure gets rid of the chlorine odor related with chemically chlorinated pools.

However, there another more cheap and quick way converting above ground pool to saltwater. Just dump some pool salt into your pool water and see if you like the process the water feels. Some people said that it’s not going to hurt your pump to increase the salinity of the water a little bit. Don’t forget that the salt is corrosive substance. You have to avoid using soft stones (like limestone) as coping or decking materials when using a saltwater pool, as the salt will corrode the rock.

How To Convert Above Ground Pool to Saltwater

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