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Baracuda Pool Vacuum Cleaner worth the Money

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Baracuda pool vacuum cleaner works great for both in ground and above ground pool. You just need to run it 5 hours a night, and your pool will stay spotless. The only thing that needs your care is that one moving part inside. You have to replace it annually or so. You should notice the hose swinging while it is running. When it stops swinging or slows down a lot, it is time to renew that part. Overall it is well worth the money.

Parts of Baracuda Pool Cleaner
Parts of Baracuda Pool Cleaner

Baracuda Cleaner

Maybe you will get your new Barracuda poll cleaner keeps getting stuck on the bottom step. Don’t worry with this. You just need two or three valves near the pool pump. You have to adjust the valves closing off the valve that is operating your Baracuda. Just try about half open to capture it to work well. When your filter gets dirty, you have to change the adjustment slightly.

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