Average Cost of Inground Saltwater Pool

Average Cost of Inground Saltwater Pool

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Whether you are building a new pool or just switching your standard existing pool, depend on the size of the pool, the cost of the saltwater system will range from $1,500 to $2,500. Nowadays, the averages cost of a new inground pool (concrete, semi-concrete or gunite) is $ 55,000. So, the average cost of inground saltwater pool is  57,000 averages if you build new one.

You have to understand while using a saltwater system, saltwater pool still contains chlorinated water. The salt you put into the pool then it goes through the generator which produces chlorine. The cell — or generator — delivers a charge that releases the chlorine from the salt molecule. It then reverts to be utilized in the process. That procedure gets rid of the chlorine odor related with chemically chlorinated pools.

Saltwater Inground Pool Advantages

Chlorine tablets contain harmful impurities, which makes some people are allergic. Salt can minimize the adverse impacts of chlorine by reducing the use of chlorine tablet in the pool. There’s less of a need to shock the pool (which can cause severe chemical hazard) and less bleaching of bathing suits from super-high chlorine levels. With a saltwater pool, you can save between $300 and $400 annually on chlorine. Also, salt water is gentler on skin besides removing the chlorine smell.


Having swimming pool means you should pay attention on the maintenance regularly. You will need 11 to 12 bags of salt to 20,000-gallon pool water for the first time running after the salt water system. You have to pay around $6 a bag, and you will free of any more salt in for two years. Sometimes, we need salt to be added more frequently when pools are used year-round. Also, better to look for a pool salt that’s at least 99.4 percent pure and doesn’t have rust inhibitor or other additives.

Of course, you still must do to inspect the cell once a month to see if it’s scaled up. To clean the cell, you have to turn off the power, and then remove it from its casing. You can use white vinegar to soak it for a few hours. Cells typically need to be replaced every five to seven years, at the cost of $400 to $650.

Killing bacteria relies on proper parameters of pH and alkalinity is the efficacy of a saltwater system in. Weekly maintenance is necessary. If needed, you can add a muriatic acid to maintain the proper pH balance between 7.4 and 7.6. Always remember that the salt is corrosive. You have to avoid using soft stones (like limestone) as coping or decking materials when building a saltwater pool, as the salt will erode the stone.

Cost of Inground Saltwater Pool

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