5 Foot above Ground Pool

5 Foot above Ground Pool

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A 5 Foot above Ground Pool is ideal for pool high to get maximal swimming exercise. However, it’s little bit difficult to find 60” above ground pool high. Commonly, above grounds come in three main wall heights: 48”, 52”, and 54”. 5ft or deeper pool usually comes in a semi in ground or semi above ground pool.

The wall endurance is the main focus if you want 5 foot or more fully above ground pool. You will need ready advanced and superior retained wall structure to hold heavy water. You can bounce off the deck interior the element, and it would not shake or waiver one bit. This is entirely sufficient and rather nicely worth it even though it grows to be little difficult work.

I recommend using prefab semi inground pool using fiberglass material with 48” wall height above ground and 12” deep inground. This combination will give you more durable structure and save your money. You will not need superior structure as the 5 food above ground swimming pool. And fiberglass is more low maintenance than concrete.

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